In Which a Girl Discovers Her Art

Tutorial - how to paint a galaxy


I got a lot of questions on how I did the David Tennant galaxy painting, so I made you guys a tutorial!
image2. If you’re doing a portrait I suggest drawing your outline in pencil first so you know where you’re putting your water
image3. You only need a teeny tiny bit of paint because it will spread and bleed 
image4. Add colours where you want them and make sure your paper is always wet!

image5. To add stars, use a light colour (like white or yellow) on an old toothbrush 
image6. Use your index finger or thumb to spray the paint onto your galaxy
image7. do any touch-ups (ex: extra stars, more blue paint, more pink paint, etc.)



The Sum of All Evil by The Chapman Brothers

I was lucky enough to peep a Chapman Brothers installation at an exhibition in my city and I spent, like, three hours poring over all the details and incredible depth & layering of the sculptures. They’re truly awe inspiring artists!

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man this picture got a RIDICULOUS amount of notes for the amount of time its been up

so i thought i may as well share my process since i actually remembered to save duplicates as i was working on it

okay so:
1). drew one lemongrab and then copy and pasted it bam now you’ve got both
2). CUT UP THOSE LEMONS. also they’re holding their pinkies together
3). redid the line art with a smaller, pressure-senstive brush so it actually looks decent, filled in the base yellow and black background
4). new layer, added in the blacks and whites of their clothes ( but it’s actually dark brown and light yellow … !!!!!!!! ), eyes, etc. let some yellow show through.
5). new layer set to multiply with the opacity down a bit, used a dark brown to put in the shadows.
6). new layer, put some aqua-ish blue in there because there was way too much dang yellow for me to handle. also put some orange/red on their faces to make them flushed in the cheeks and give them a bit more life.
7). FLATTEN ALL THE LAYERS, and then just work the entire thing up, adding in darker and lighter tones, blending all those colours together by sort-of crosshatching. i don’t really know how else to describe it
8). lemon juice and other final touches and whatnot